About Takestone, LLC
Takestone Records, LLC, produces the Songs for the Masses and It’s About the Word CD series. The lyrics in each song from these albums are inspired and derived from particular chapters of the Holy Bible

Takestone Records, LLC, announced the release of Songs for the Masses, Volume 3 today. It is the sixth album of the Songs for the Masses collection.

To date, the series has sold more than 500,000 copies, a remarkable feat for a project without an advertising budget or major record label backing. Jimmie Young, producer and songwriter for the project, credits the series’ success to the peace and joy that God’s word brings to those who listen.

“When we created the first Songs for the Masses album in 2000, I never dreamed that the project would be so widely received by people throughout the world,” said Jimmie. “It just goes to show you that the words of God are timeless, and there will always be a hunger to hear His word.”

Songs for the Masses CDs and songbooks are available for purchase at www.songsforthemasses.com, and have also been distributed through a partnership with Thrivent Financial. The music is now being used by missionaries in 38 countries throughout the world. The Lutheran Hour, a weekly radio program broadcast internationally, also features Songs for the Masses music.

“The most surprising and inspiring part of the past ten years has been the letters and e-mails people send to me, saying that this music has helped them through a difficult time and to grow closer to God. I know the series’ success is not about the music at all. It’s about the healing power of God’s word,” Jimmie said. “I am so thankful to be able to create this music with fellow musicians, singers and songwriters who are as passionate about the project as I am.”