It’s About The Word

“Songs for the Masses” was named as “Music for the People”, but over the years people often associated the name with particular denominations. So, along the way, because of business purposes, we were asked to begin a new series named “It’s About The Word”.

We found that the name “It’s About The Word” was more simple to express the purpose for our music, and we did not receive the denominational confusion. With that a new label name called “Psalmtree”. Under that label we took on some liberty in productions too.

With full productions on some of the projects with various instruments. The Christmas Instrumental CD called “ A Winter Peace” used small arrangements from solo guitar, to large orchestra. All of these were a lot of fun to produce, but we have always kept proclaiming the name of “Jesus Christ Our Lord” as the purpose for our work.

Today we have returned to produce another “Songs for the Masses” style CD with just guitar, bass and voices and using the scriptures as the basis for the lyrics. That CD hopefully will be released in 2015. Look for it!