In The Beginning

My name is Jimmie Young, I live in Nashville, TN and I am the creator /owner of the series of music “Songs for the Masses” CDs and songbooks.

What began in the year 2000 as an inspiration to create a single CD project, consumed my life. The Volume 1 CD was created as a labor of love, and ended up becoming my life’s work. I thought I would try to glean the scriptures (particular chapters of the Bible) and set those words to original music. With just guitars, bass and voices many talented friends in the music business came along to help with the project. We ended up selling over 35,000 CDs the first year of release. No one would guess without an artist name, drums, video, or radio play, that we could be financially successful.

With God all things are possible. All I can say is…God has blessed the work.